Secure Communications from any Device

Never compromise on your business communications.

SaltDNA uses the highest grade encryption techniques to allow the user to voice call, text message, conference call or send files with the highest confidence.

Available on iOS, Android and Desktop

Secure Communications On Any Device, On Any Global Network

Do you want to be able to deliver your communications securely anywhere and over any network?

You can trust SaltDNA to deliver. In any location and on any data network worldwide, SaltDNA encrypts all conversations so no insecure data is ever transmitted.

Communicate securely on any network

Centralized Device and User Management

Control your own communications.

SaltDNA provides a secure management system to ensure companies have complete control over all employees contact lists and communications. The SaltDNA Communications Manager allows the enterprise to provision and manage users, hosting the portal on-premise. By configuring closed user groups, the enterprise controls who in their team can communicate with whom - all entirely controlled by management.

Rapid deployment on a secure cloud based server or within your own private infrastructure

Deploy the SaltDNA solution instantaneously.

The SaltDNA software-only solution allows you to deploy users virtually instantaneously, anywhere in the world using our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which secures administrator credentials. The SaltDNA Communications Manager allows the enterprise to add new users, monitor current users, and de-provision anyone using SaltDNA from a simple dashboard.

Flexible deployment

How We've Helped Some of Our Customers


Oil & Gas Case Study

Global oil & gas company deploys SaltDNA Enterprise to secure strategic communications - protecting trade secrets and safeguarding competitive information.

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Legal Case Study

International legal firm implements secure mobile communications to keep legal strategies confidential & protect client/attorney privileged discussions.

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